Babywearing and I

When I was in my teens my cousin  who is in Canada was placing her son on a bag sort where her son was quite comfy happily sleeping. At that moment I felt I should try sometime and as days passed by it went out of my mind. But when I was preggi those nine months with the time I had started to read about babywearing, It was like an ocean for me. When discussed to my cousins as usually i disucss about every other topic they said In India its not possible at all. People will mock at you. All will look at you strange. I was little hesitant to think about it but made up my mind I will go for it as I don’t want to see my baby crying for hours. I wanted to feel her breathe,cuddle her close to me, hug me tight. Then I explored the babywearing blogs, videos, DIYs what not. At a point of time I felt where I have landed to? tooo much of jargons, they speak about ergonomic and non ergonomic. uffff then felt this is the phase to be happy. so didn’t strain much and relaxed a bit. After Ms. A was born to touch her it was a divine, Both faru and I were in cloud nine. After looking at Ms. A the babywearing came into my mind. But that time was to think about her, so kept the thought aside. When she was 25 days old thought to sign up for a travel carrier program and I ended signing up with the Indian Company called Cookie Slings and my journey of babywearing started there. I did order but felt little frightened as what if i drop her down?? Then through few videos I learnt the skill of threading the ring sling and wore her with the help of my sister and my mom. What a divine feel it was. she was soooo close to me enough to kiss her. The moment she was next to me she dozed offf…. We both were sooo comfy. The guyz who know about my sister and brother they are kool photographers and both Alizeh and I had a photoshoot with the ring sling.The whole one week it was such a great experience and we both enjoyed the cuddles.
           Then after that i tried with the shawl she didnt cooperate much so had a fear will she like it or not. So thought to attend few local meets and try different products and go for a suitable carrier for us. But did the shopping bug leave me?? Eid was nearing and I wanted to gift myself something so what did I do? Ordered a ring sling from Happybaby creations a new venture. I loved the strawberry print from it. Its a double layered cotton Ring Sling. 
          The day it came Ms. A was little fuzzy so I had to do buttering and make her accept it. I was in a fear she will not accept it but to all our surprise she enjoyed it and we both went for a small walk in it. Two days later Salha had to leave to US to meet her husband and as Alizeh was small my family felt its not good to travel some 7 hours with a small bub. Salha is the one who took care of my Ms. A as she is the favourite mausi for Ms.A. I didnt wanna disappoint her so decided I will wear her and ensoy my trip. and Yes Alizeh was quite comfy in her RS with her mom, nani and motimom(Salha), maamz and naanu. Two days trip went calm, quite and relaxed. I was able to walk, calm her down, sleep, eat peacefully. Hug her, cuddle her….
     The next day Alizeh’s mommom(naani) received “The Best Engineer Award” from Institution of Engineers and the infant engineer attend the meet. All were dumbstruck as she was quite, calm. The only reason for that is she was close to her mom, could hear her mom’s heartbeat, could feel her mom’s presence what not? 
    Now coming to an interesting event which took place, Alizeh was 3 months and we moved to my sasuraal and we had a anniversary party to attend. Alizeh was sooo cranky that I ended up feeding her back to back did lot of cluster feeding. Forgot totally about the concept babywearing. Faru walked in and asked me to wear her and the moment I wore her she was calm and there was a magic where she slept and dozed offf….
        The babywearing also helped me to stand in passport office, Big bazzar queue, to walk in the hospital during her usual visits, what not. The expenditure I did in this particular concept was an wow and I dont regret at all. 
        With Alizeh I tend to learn stuffs and as a first time mommy Im happy to give best to Ms. A as I promised her as soon as I came to know that we were expecting!!
                                 Now Im an advocate of Babywearing!! Helping new mommies to wear their bubs.Enjoy the cuddles without any pain.!!!

Alizeh’s Ring sling!! The one which has been travelling  with us in the journey of motherhood!!