Modern Education – My Views

According to me, Education must help an individual to grow up with strong Self-Esteem, to develop knowledge, skills and attitude of children [learners]. In a simple term, education must encourage an individual to select a behaviour he/she wants to develop in a positive manner. It should make an individual think more about the subject, explore, play on the scenario. In simple the learner should answer all the “WH QUESTIONS”!!
                Children love to learn from the digital world than the regular method. So its better to include the asynchronous methodology to grab the attention of the learner. We tend to grab the topic and get the essence of the content only when we visualize them. In the digital world the visualization is easy with the help of movies/animations. It all happens with the creativity of the educators.
                The interaction should not be only within the four walls of a classroom, it should be also beyond the classroom through virtual trips, Interactive sessions through wires/wireless.
                The cost of education goes high when we have fewer amounts of resources, so to manage the resources we can share them via the conduct of sessions through means of wires/wireless.
                We can use the opensource platforms that lets us build the perfect education solution for our needs such as customize the platform for making the learner be Learner-centric. Instead of boring paper technology this methodology can be used so that the data will be available in the clouds for a longer run and deeper run. The tutor as well as the learner will be updated on education system.
                The learner should have an openness to choose his/her interest and develop his/her skills on the particular interest. The modern education should be a combination of nature, environment, skills, technology, and humanity. It should make us feel a complete learned human!
                The Overall development of MIND, BODY and SOUL is the REAL EDUCATION.
It should be learner-centric with a methodology to balance the human as well as technical resources when and if a learner is falling behind!!

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