Chocolate chip Cookies


Suddenly a week back I had an insatiable craving for chocolate chip cookies and wanted to taste them all of a sudden. Tried reaching Faru so when he is back from work he can bring home some cookies. Couldn’t reach him as he was busy with his meetings and by the time he called back I made up  my mind to make cookies at home  with the help of babyA. When I asked her if we can bake cookies? Her answer was a big YES with a big smile on her face. While I kept the ingredients on the table she was so excited and wanted to have a look at what am I upto! She wanted to sit in her high chair so she can have a view of the work happening in the worktable. The recipe, courtesy of kawaiisweetworld cookies with a minute tweak was a big hit!! This crispy chewy choco chip cookies is a hit with the glass of milk as said in the recipe too!!


2 cups all-purpose flour
½ teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon baking powder
¾ cup butter, melted
1 ½ cup packed sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1 whole egg + 1 egg yolk
1 cup semisweet chocolate chips



Preheat oven to 325F and please do line the parchment paper on the tray.

Whisk together flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt in a medium bowl.

Stir butter, white sugar until well combined.

Add in egg and egg yolk for richness and vanilla extract to butter and sugar mixture, and stir to combine.

Add in chocolate chips and mix in until evenly distributed.

Place the mixture covered inside the refrigerator for half an hour.

Scoop out 2 T. of dough per cookie, and roll cookie dough into balls and place them in a 3 inch distance apart.

Bake for 15-20 minutes or until edges are golden brown.

Let it to cool down and store it for after use or you can enjoy the cookies once cooled down.

Recipe Courtesy: Kawaiisweetworld

Do try out and please do let me know how it turned out! I would love to see it.

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20th Century Vs 21st Century Moms

These are my views on the topic “20th Century Vs 21st Century Moms” and I am writing this as a part of the Blogging Marathon –

A mom is a mom whether you are from the 20th Century or the 21st Century! As a mother we seem to be over responsible in raising a healthy, happy and well-adjusted kid. This is definitely overwhelming for a parent for sure. Being a 21st Century mom I really have too much of Information filled in my social networking but I really miss out on the informal support which my parents had in the 20th Century. It’s not because I don’t trust them it is just because I think a lot, analyse and want to give the best to my kid.

                The technology has a huge impact on mommy’s behaviour and their lifestyle. One of the live examples is blogging and social networking. Before the boon of the Internet the networking was live and direct only with the neighbours, family and the first hand information was got only from the family but now its all over the internet. The 21st Century is completely evolving around the “OUT-Come” based whereas the 20th Century was “Time-based”. Everything is   Research-driven and we are open to learn anything from anyone. Everything starting from the conception till the end is digitalised I can say. A baby born in the 21st Century is digitalised.

                With the technology we have today, mothers literally do a lot for their babies, they go insane thinking too much and still they feel they are missing out something and fall into the guilt trap. There is an expectation set “My intuition is Right and I know and I will go by this parenting theory”.

Let’s have a look at how things worked on the 20th Century and 21st Century according to my perspective on various aspects.

Maternity Fitness:

                Earlier in the 20th Century the maternity fitness wasn’t that noticed. Since India is a land of joint family and bonding the pregnant ladies would do lot of household work and would be fit and perfect but many of the mommies wouldn’t be aware of taking care of themselves. Those 9 months would go either by doing household chores and thereby gaining the needed strength to deliver the babies normally or at times remain idle and gain lot of fat leading to difficulties.

                Now in the 21st Century, Once they know they are pregnant they willingly join maternity classes where the doctors and doulas themselves teach yoga and few fitness regime. New aged mommies are fully aware and educated about pregnancy and maternity phases and are better groomed with the necessary information. With the abundant  resources online many spread the word about workouts/ fitness stuffs to take care of themselves as well their babies with care and concern.

Maternity Fashion:

                Earlier the pregnancy fashion was considered to be conservative. The dress style was to conceal their bump. They would either wear saree to be in their comfort zone or wear a salwar khameez and hide their bump with the dupatta/shawl. Even at all they wear a jean they would wear a tunic top which would conceal the bump. Main goal is to conceal themselves in a billowy clothes.

                Now in the 21st Century the main goal is to accentuate and feature their baby bump, look stylish and give all detailing of the bump they have. Even the top designers have come up with stuffs where the moms-to-be can wear and enjoy the 9 months as a fashion diva in these special months.

Parenting Resources:

                Earlier they would be in the form of books and not every mom-to-be would like to engage themselves in reading books. If I were a mom of the 20th Century, I wouldn’t engage myself in reading books as I become tired of holding a book continuously. For the Resources either one has to own a copy of the book or go to a library to gain the resources. To access regarding the birth stories we had to depend on the elders of the home, neighbours who would have by then forgotten the crisp and minute details of their experience.

                Now we have everything on the internet, right from the birth stories, to the after care of delivering. Many bloggers write about their birth story and what all they do to induce natural labour which is scientifically proven.

Ultrasonogram / Scans:

With the advancement of technology we are in a position to find out the gender of babies and are even able to get highly defined 5D images of the babies in the womb. It definitely serves as an anti-anxiety therapy to the overwhelmed to- be-moms who could quench their thirsts about all the unanswered questions they go through because of  those stressful hormone surges. A Mom-to-be definitely do feel happy when her baby kicks, move around inside the womb but it takes her to a whole new excitatory stage when she can literally listen to the first heart beat and when she looks her baby moving legs/hands the joy is unimaginable. With the recent advancements if at all there is an issue in the baby’s growth or health doctors help to treat the babies intrauterine itself or can also plan an immediate surgery or needed interventions the next moment the baby jumps out onto our hands without much wasting the golden hours. Thanks to the Almighty and the technology for giving this happiness.

Precious Moments After giving birth:


                Earlier there was a condition only during normal delivery the mom was allowed to cuddle the baby as soon as the baby is born. Enjoy the baby crawl moments, golden hour, etc., even without knowing about it. This all happened only if the doctor had best knowledge about it and only if his school had taught about it.

                With the technology in hand a mom-to-be knows about the importance of baby-crawling, the relation between baby-crawling and latching, delayed cord clamping, golden hour, saying a big NO to formula feed unless the situation mandates the need, giving a birth plan to a doctor, latching, even at all there is a tongue tie, if at all there is a latching issue seek an advice of the medical practitioner, enjoy the same benefits with the C-Sec. Gentle C-Sec by getting partial anaesthesia where she can sense the baby coming out of her. With the resources in her hand she is able make herself ready to the environment.


                With pexels-photo-235243the exploitation of formula milk and its undue marketing strategies in the late 20th Century parents were forced to give formula thinking their milk supply was not sufficient. It would either be completely on formula feed or would be on a top feed. When the baby reached 3 months external solids like cerelac, oats porridges, juices were given to babies not thinking on the maturity of the guts. But now in this century moms know the importance of breastmilk, when to start solids, when to introduce water, why not to start solids before 6 months, etc. In the olden era mothers used to breastfeed atleast for 3 years and in the scriptures at least in Quran its written that its mandatory for a mom to breastfeed the baby till 2 years and it also has given benefits of breastfeeding which is now being researched by the scientists. ONLY because of breastfeeding antibodies are formed naturally and babies are able to fight. This concept is understood by all. Normalising of breastfeeding is understood and people are supporting to nurse their babies in public when situation arises in their comfort zone. Earlier in the 20th Centuries moms used to run to the restrooms to nurse their babies but now NONE runs to the restrooms as they know Feeding is not a shame. Nursing in Public doesn’t mean we show the skin, it can also be done by being modest and being in the comfortable zone. We have techniques such as 2Tee-method, by using a cover, etc.



Use of infant carriers wasn’t welcomed by many in the 20th Century though the concept evolved in Asia and it was associated to poverty or transience attached for choice/necessity to attach the babies to their bodies. They felt how safe is the baby going to be in a cloth compared to the hand? But now in this century mommies feel comfy carrying their babies in a sling, wrap, meh-dai, soft structured carriers, what not? With the babywearing concept they nurse the baby in it, rock to sleep, smile, cuddle, relax, eat, sleep without fear of dropping the kid down. During the teething phase, sleep regression colic phase, babywearing is a boon!! With the babywearing a new mom can now enjoy almost all the exciting entertainments and outings. Even hiking is possible too.


                Once the baby was born, cloth nappies were used those days on the bums but then due to the widespread marketing of the disposable diapers, it became a boon to the over-exhausted mommies who had to keep washing the soiled nappies several times a day to reuse them. But it was not only less safer than the cloth nappies to the gentle baby bums but also a curse to the environment. Mommies in the early 20th century used to make cloth nappies where it would hold a pee and poop but doesn’t damage their clothing. After the disposable diaper entered the scene  the usage of homemade cloth diapers moved out of our homes slowly. In the 21st century there are moms who use disposables 24/7 . There are night time diapers, daytime diapers with absorbent technology, criss-cross technology and a unique design for a gender and a different concept for gender. Gender inequality doesn’t play over here. The design is based on the anatomy of the sex. With the care and concern shown towards the environment as well as towards the babies modern cloth diapers are slowly drifting into the market and gaining positive popularity. Potty training is also done with proper research and at the right age.

Raising Healthy Kids:

                Making the kids eat is a tedious task when we force feed them. Concept of force feeding was practised and is still practised by the 20th Century moms. The main concept then was a chubby baby believed  to be a healthy baby. But now with the resources the 21st Century is able to analyse and find out that being chubby is not the essential factor for being healthy. Being active, sleeping properly, self-feeding and nursed when the kid demands it is healthy now. There is a concept of baby-led weaning where the baby decides when to eat and what to eat. By this method, kids eat a good variety of food compared to the force-fed babies and special care taken babies. My sister who is a doctor by profession used to say, when I was a mom-to-be  that when the baby nears his/her 1st birthday the baby must be able eat his/her cultural food themselves. Even now only those who follow the research oriented concept believe in it rest follow the same old school of thoughts.

                Celebrating the First Birthday party is a business in this era they spend lavishly these days by planning theme parties. Earlier it was inviting close friends family members and the party was done within home but now with the advancement in the lifestyle and technology they seek help from event planners and make it like a marriage. But few do DIY stuff for their babies joy.

                Earlier or now whichever century it is, people followed one Rule, Make the child happy!! They followed moreover or less the same concept but practised without knowing the name of it. Now with the researches happening everyday, this century moms have a whole bunch of resourced information with them where they are able to know the name of the process and make it happen with full heart and clear mind.

                I am happy that I am a 21st Century mom where I had an opportunity to research on these facts and keep myself updated and give my best in parenting. As I am a mommy of 1 year Old I am stopping with these concepts in which I have personal experience and confidence. Happy motherhood to all the new moms out there and I thank all the old aged moms without whom the now healthy and self educated Moms/moms-to-be society wouldn’t have been into existence !!

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Baby-A Turns ONE


While thinking about these beautiful words “Baby A turns One” a mixed feeling comes within me joy, tears, how the time flies?, etc. It’s really amazing to feel that I am a mommy of an 1 year old now. My baby is no more a tiny squish who is pink in colour. Missing those newborn moments of course. This One year had too much to handle like so many hugs, kisses, cuddles, maturity, patience, anger what not? This one year not only alizeh has grown up but also we the family members. Happy birthday to all of us!!

                As baby A turns ONE the first and foremost thing which comes in mind is “THE FIRST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS”.I can hear you guys what will a 1 year old girl understand about the celebrations? Even I thought about it a lot but she really understands something special is going to happen and was excited just like her mumma and papa. It’s more of a celebration for a family that they have crossed 1 year of parenting, risks, joy, happiness etc. As you guys know that we have recently moved to Denver we really missed the family back in India and had oscillations whether to celebrate or not to celebrate but with our family’s encouragement madeup our minds to celebrate the birthday. As we are here wanted to celebrate simple as we really didn’t want to leave the family unattended. So the planning started a month back. My mind was working on possible decorations, what should her attires be? What accessories should baby A wear? Will she cooperate with the head band or will she throw it??  And the big day was nearing and I had to do lot of planning. As a new mommy who is new to DIY and arranging a big event for the first time felt my jotting down would help other fellow mommies to plan a DIY Birthday Party.

Planning for a Date, Time and Venue:

                Being a Long weekend, we didn’t want to plan for a weekend as we didn’t want to collapse others plans and We wanted to happen it on the same day so fixed the party to be on her Birthday 29th June. We wanted to be in sync with the families in India [her grandparents] so fixed a time based on that so it happened to be 7.30 to 10 p.m. and the venue we booked a community club in a neighbourhood as we didn’t want to pack the house with people and make babyA to panic. This clubhouse had a hall attached to pool so if at all babyA cries we could move to the pool to calm her down. This was our plan and everything went as per the plan.


I was too specific on a theme but since we didn’t give her screentime till now she wouldn’t know about the cartoon characters and she won’t be able to relate that. And I too can’t decorate the hall with the theme so for easy job took a simple colors theme. Fixed purple as her dress was purple and ended up adding small inclusions which would complement the colour purple. And we didn’t want to trouble the guests by asking them to dress based on the theme so it was colour themed party.

With the theme in mind my lovable sister designed the party invite and once approved it was circulated to the guests. If you are really impressed and if you would like to get one made for you I would recommend you guyz to my sister to make one for you.


Guest List

                One fine day we happened to sit and jot down the tentative guest list mostly it was new friends who are close to our family right now as you guyz pretty well know that we moved recently to Denver and online guests[her grandparents and aunts] Mainly based on the availability of the day we finalised closed circle of friends to make the event more memorable one.


                Once the guest list is finalised we made an approximate budget which is the duty of babyA’s dad as I am a shocker in nature. Still didn’t come out of the Indian scenario and still keeps on calculating and converting the currencies so strictly moved out of this and BabyA’s dad made a perfect budget and planned accordingly. It included our catering, DIY decorations, Cake, travel, etc.


                As the clubhouse was little bit of grand in nature didn’t want to decorate more to spoil its beauty. But as I wanted to do something for my daughter I made it a point to work on this. Made a centrepiece with blocks and it rocked the décor. My sisy helped me in giving the embossing effect on the letters and faru helped in wrapping the boxes with wonderful gift wrappers and it is rocking even now. A birth wreath was made with the thin details of babyA and it was placed in the entrance of the hall and it was spoken by all. Then got few readymade swirls from the partycity and hung up them here and there. Made giant flowers with tissues and pompoms and decorated the hall great. All happened only because of the support from my husband and his friend. Made a Chalkboard chart which was incomplete and it rocked :p



                A cake is the heroine of the show next to the Heroine of the day. First I planned to bake A cake for her but with time constraint ordered the cake from SAMS CLUB. Planned for a 10.20 theme cake as she was born by 10.20 p.m.; but later changed to the Paris Love cake which rocked the event. Everyone spoke about the beauty which was a three tiered cake where chocolate layer was sandwiched between Vanilla layers. Letters A and E was placed on the top of the cake which was the icing on the Cake’s beauty.

I wanted everyone starting from my family to the guests to be a part of the birthday celebrations. As its her first birthday felt she shouldn’t miss the love of India and her family. So asked the family back in country to write letters for her and messages for her to open up when she reaches an age where she is able to understand how much they love her. Even her apartment friends made a video to wish her on her big day.

Friends Became a part of Family

                There is a saying when we are in a different land friends become family members and it has been experienced by us through my daughter. They all love my daughter a lot and helped us in arranging the event just like their family. Two people volunteered to take the pictures on the birthday. One person took care of collecting the cake. One welcomed the guests and made the rest comfortable till we reached the venue.

                Totally both Faru and I are satisfied to make this as a family event with the limited time we had in our hand to make it grand. Certainly we miss our families but happy that we were able to do live streaming and make it happen. Thanks to almighty to make it happen.

We had few fun entertainment too and we all enjoyed as planned and babyA’s reaction while cutting the cake was priceless. Instead of looking at the cake she looked at the people which made me feel bad for the care she has for the crowd. We were able to relate how she missed people and family back in India. In shaa allah we will meet soon and celebrate grand events in the near future.