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Waiting for the “FALL SEASON”

pexels-photo-157310Baby Alizeh is going to experience her first Fall in shaa Allah. As she is 1.5 years now and she is a person who loves nature felt i will plan a list which can be done by all kids of the same age with fun. She usually loves to explore the barks, leaves, sticks, roots, pines etc. As this is Fall we will get a nice opportunity to stay outdoors more as the Sun will soften and air will be crisp. It’s rightly said kids learn from home and i love this feel to learn with my daughter. When we think about the Season Fall , Pumpkins come in-front of Us so we will go for a pumpkin patch in shaa Allah
The leaves are going to help our kids best to explore stuffs

Sensory Play
When there are heaps of leaves we will like to jump,run, crash and explore all possible plays. Kids will teach us how to explore with the nature and for sure unstructured play will make the kids shine and they will know their world better.


Ask your child to walk on the trial of leaves which are built on the grass for safety factors. It will be easy for us to walk but for a 1.5year old it will be difficult for sure and this will help them to coordinate and refine their movements. It will also help them to analyse and take decision without risking when falling down.

I have seen in documentaries that the leaves fall continuously all over the Season and im going to witness the same in shaa Allah with alizeh for the first time. So what we are going to work on is to catch the leaves one by one when it falls down. In shaa allah we will rock this

Run, hop, hide
As the leaves are going to be in heaps we can run, walk, hop without fear of falling down and getting hurt. We will follow the bunnies, squirrels and try to imitate them in shaa Allah. Currently babyA loves to walk, run and this activity will help her to practice and i can be worry free in shaa Allah

Being a toddler in slowly trying to introduce sorting technique soon in shaa Allah. Felt this season will help me. I can ask her to differentiate big leaves from small ones, can differentiate shapes, sizes, colors etc

Play peekaboo
Hide some pine or bark or anything under the heap of leaves and we Wil find them in shaa Allah

Treasure hunt
Have plans to hide some stuff and search with the baby just like a new time searching for it.

Fall colouring
With the paint we can ask the kids to paint with leaves which will help them to understand more about the world they live in.


Hearing sounds
When The leaves are being crushed we can make them hear the sounds and this will help them to identify the different kinds of sounds in shaa Allah

These are the few tips I have planned to make our time enjoyable and for sure you would have some ideas to welcome this Fall, please do share with us!!

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Car Survival Kit-A needy

pexels-photo-386025In US it’s a must to sit in the car seat and keeping them engaged is a huge task for a mommy like me! It is said if the baby cries It will be due to hunger, anger, to communicate something but in #babyA ‘s case it’s only due to her boredom nd sometimes due to hunger. Possibility of leaving the diaper bag at home is high else missing the bag somewhere is high so I wanted to keep the survival kit in the car so I can avoid mishaps and in the end of the day it will help new mommies too. So I have come up with a list which will help mommies in packing the kit

For the hero/heroine

1. 4 to 5 diapers [I use cloth]
3.sHOES AND socks
4.shawl, blanket
5. Small towel
6. 2 sets of dress
7.cloth tissues

For everyone
1. 2 sets of dress
2. Hand sanitizer
3. Blankets for all
4. Cloth bags
5. Covers
10.First aid kit
11. Cotton swabs
12. Baby z medicine

1.Baby busy bags
2. Baby toys
3. Water bottle
4. Chocolates
5. Straws
6. Cups
7. Boxes
8.To-go boxes

Our family totally survives with this survival kit. Once I left my hand sanitizer when we went for a road trip and felt difficult to handle the situation and since then planned for a survival kit and came up with this list. It’s perfect for us right now and we might include the list whenever she grows.
I would like to know what will you add to the list and do you have the survival kit in your cars? Please leave a comment below and please do share if you liked this writeup!!

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Few Tips to be a “FUN-MOM”

friendship-831522_1920I am a person who follows what my instinct says and mostly think from heart. Thanks to almighty where I received a Fun Mom in my life.  Growing as  a Fun loving daughter, I enjoyed each and every moment in my life. Likewise I would want my daughter to experience the same or even more better if possible. Though my mom was a working, we siblings  had fun in our younger days. When I was conceived with babyA I had thoughts to do few stuffs with her but now knowing the real struggle in executing them made a point to make the moments enjoyable. I know few mommies will be in the same boat as mine so felt this would help them to schedule their routine and make their lives a joyous, memorable one.
1. Don’t give Orders

           Giving orders won’t be liked by anyone, may be an adult or a baby. Since they are babies it doesn’t mean they are taken for granted. It’s said, SEEK permission before handling them so it is advisable to use positive words with them. Instead of giving them orders of not allowing them to do the task which they feel of doing let them explore and gain experience. If at all it is harmful try to speak with them and explain the consequences for sure the kids will accept the fact. Since day1 I explain the situations with #babyA and she had understood and accepted me. Thanks to almighty for this experience
2.Make Routines

            I’m not a systematic person by nature but setting a routine I’m able to analyse how my day will be and how to plan based on it. With the routines set I feel our mind is in peace and lesser struggle to handle. With the routines set less stress and will have a feel of more time to spend with the baby. When our stress is less for sure we will be a happy mom and fun loving mom
3. Make each moments to be a memorable one

          With the digitalised era we capture each and every moment with our cameras. Its important and along with it spending time with them is more important. Capturing the moments in our hearts is equally important. We should make the babies feel the normal event also to be a extravagant one. Even a boring ride on a car can be made a Fun one by singing their favourite song or dancing moment if you are a copassenger. Take them to walk and make them understand the beauty of nature. Behave like a kid to make their moments more happy. To be simple live the moment!

4.When you play with babies BE a Baby

            Fun mommies can’t sit idle. When a Baby plays the mommy also will play with the kid.   She will try to make her baby win each and  every moment in joy. If the baby wants a smile there comes a smile from mom. If you are actively engaged in the activity then you are a Fun Mom
5. Setting Boundaries

           Being a Fun loving mom doesn’t mean you are a mom of a spoilt kid.Since we are using positive words it doesn’t mean our babies will be a spoilt brat. They will be allowed to fly but if they are about to fall down they will know their moms are with them. They can explore everything but within the limits.
These are the tips which I’m following to be a fun Loving mom!! You can share with me the ways you follow to be a fun Loving mom!!


How to make Breastfeeding Journey enjoyable!


Breastfeeding may be a challenging task in the earlier stages for both the baby and the mommy!! Over here I am going to share few steps and techniques which i followed during my new mommy stage with babyA

Be prepared:
When I was pregnant i started thinking about the breastfeeding journey. During your pregnancy days elders would advise us to  look at the babies pictures to make our-self calm, relaxed but when I was expecting babyA, I completely had a study about few topics and one such topic is about breastfeeding. Read a lot about it. I read success stories about breastfeeding, heard live stories from my mom, family members, neighbours. With the stories, prepared my mind to breastfeed my baby when i get the opportunity.
I really felt and I do still feel it as a fourth trimester as the baby gets transitioned from the womb to the world so to soothe the baby, skin to skin contact is a must and nursing the baby is a must. Thanks to the almighty for the opportunity he has given me to nurse my daughter. He has given me strength to fight for my rights when the situation arouse. Thanks to almighty where i got ample support from both my parents as well as my husband.Only because of the support i was able to concentrate only on my daughter and work on the betterment of her health.

Being comfortable while nursing 
When we fix our minds for nursing the major criteria we will concentrate on is the position which we will be comfortable as in a day that too on the early days of the newborn stage, nursing is going to be like whenever the baby feels, nursing session happens. The session would be between 5 minutes to 45 minutes. So our comfortness is a must. Only then both the baby and the mom would be relaxed and can the enjoy the bonding. There is no right position. My favorite positions are laid back position, and lying down position. But during my initial days i used football position with the help of the nursing pillow which my sister gifted me.

Check for latching 
The major complaint i get to hear from most of the moms is that it hurts while nursing and that’s the reason they quit the journey of breastfeeding. If the technique for nursing is understood it’s a no pain. BabyA is a pro in latching from day1. Al hamdulilah. The reason i feel is she did breastcrawling the day she came to this earth. Ya allah what a wonder it is!! Almighty has created each and everysoul for a purpose and each and everyone does their part perfect if they get an opportunity. Latching if done properly would not hurt the mother while nursing. If the baby latches only the nipple then for sure it will hurt the mom as that’s not the right method. The baby must latch the breast tissues deeply only then baby gets tummy full properly and get enough nutrition. Attaching a video on methods to check if its a good latch or not!


Donot follow the clock; follow the clues 
Earlier the method suggested by elders would be nurse the baby 4 hours once, but it is suggested to nurse the baby on demand whenever the baby asks for. By following the cues the baby gives we can u understand and nurse the baby. I fed, nurse babyA even now only when she demands.  Al hamdulilah for this journey of breastfeeding. We have completed 13 months successfully with almighty’s grace!! Earlier as soon as the baby enters the world mothers would generate small semisolid solution called colustrum upto 3 days and its enough for the babies. Few think it wouldn’t be enough for the baby and would supplement formula feed which is not necessary. That is why mother’s milk is said to be a liquid gold.
The more you nurse,more the milk would be generated.

Seek professional help if required
If you encounter any problem with latching, nursing, or anything please do seek professional help either from doctor or a lactation consultant where they would analyse the problem and help you with a solution.

These are the techniques i followed while breastfeeding in the initial days. Please do share your journey in the comments section