How to make Breastfeeding Journey enjoyable!


Breastfeeding may be a challenging task in the earlier stages for both the baby and the mommy!! Over here I am going to share few steps and techniques which i followed during my new mommy stage with babyA

Be prepared:
When I was pregnant i started thinking about the breastfeeding journey. During your pregnancy days elders would advise us to  look at the babies pictures to make our-self calm, relaxed but when I was expecting babyA, I completely had a study about few topics and one such topic is about breastfeeding. Read a lot about it. I read success stories about breastfeeding, heard live stories from my mom, family members, neighbours. With the stories, prepared my mind to breastfeed my baby when i get the opportunity.
I really felt and I do still feel it as a fourth trimester as the baby gets transitioned from the womb to the world so to soothe the baby, skin to skin contact is a must and nursing the baby is a must. Thanks to the almighty for the opportunity he has given me to nurse my daughter. He has given me strength to fight for my rights when the situation arouse. Thanks to almighty where i got ample support from both my parents as well as my husband.Only because of the support i was able to concentrate only on my daughter and work on the betterment of her health.

Being comfortable while nursing 
When we fix our minds for nursing the major criteria we will concentrate on is the position which we will be comfortable as in a day that too on the early days of the newborn stage, nursing is going to be like whenever the baby feels, nursing session happens. The session would be between 5 minutes to 45 minutes. So our comfortness is a must. Only then both the baby and the mom would be relaxed and can the enjoy the bonding. There is no right position. My favorite positions are laid back position, and lying down position. But during my initial days i used football position with the help of the nursing pillow which my sister gifted me.

Check for latching 
The major complaint i get to hear from most of the moms is that it hurts while nursing and that’s the reason they quit the journey of breastfeeding. If the technique for nursing is understood it’s a no pain. BabyA is a pro in latching from day1. Al hamdulilah. The reason i feel is she did breastcrawling the day she came to this earth. Ya allah what a wonder it is!! Almighty has created each and everysoul for a purpose and each and everyone does their part perfect if they get an opportunity. Latching if done properly would not hurt the mother while nursing. If the baby latches only the nipple then for sure it will hurt the mom as that’s not the right method. The baby must latch the breast tissues deeply only then baby gets tummy full properly and get enough nutrition. Attaching a video on methods to check if its a good latch or not!

Donot follow the clock; follow the clues 
Earlier the method suggested by elders would be nurse the baby 4 hours once, but it is suggested to nurse the baby on demand whenever the baby asks for. By following the cues the baby gives we can u understand and nurse the baby. I fed, nurse babyA even now only when she demands.  Al hamdulilah for this journey of breastfeeding. We have completed 13 months successfully with almighty’s grace!! Earlier as soon as the baby enters the world mothers would generate small semisolid solution called colustrum upto 3 days and its enough for the babies. Few think it wouldn’t be enough for the baby and would supplement formula feed which is not necessary. That is why mother’s milk is said to be a liquid gold.
The more you nurse,more the milk would be generated.

Seek professional help if required
If you encounter any problem with latching, nursing, or anything please do seek professional help either from doctor or a lactation consultant where they would analyse the problem and help you with a solution.

These are the techniques i followed while breastfeeding in the initial days. Please do share your journey in the comments section


8 thoughts on “How to make Breastfeeding Journey enjoyable!

  1. This is really helpful. Especially the advice on following cues! We always breastfed on demand and feel it worked well.


  2. Really helpful tips. I love the tip on do not follow the clock but clues. Our paed told us the same thing. That don’t time the feeds but just feed on demand. Keeps blocked ducts away too. 🙂


  3. Ohh Yes!! Follow the cues. Even the nurses of hospital told me to feed ONLY AFTER EVERY 2 HOURS, then only HIS CLOCK will be set. They even claimed that babies who are in their hospital get their clock set when they go home…. Thanks to God, i followed my baby and not clock!!


  4. Thanks for writing about breastfeeding. It is an important subject. My daughter was a natural but my son wasnt . I nearly gave up. I read girls are better at feeding than boys. Alhamdulillah it gets much easier after 2 weeks.


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