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Few Tips to be a “FUN-MOM”

friendship-831522_1920I am a person who follows what my instinct says and mostly think from heart. Thanks to almighty where I received a Fun Mom in my life.  Growing as  a Fun loving daughter, I enjoyed each and every moment in my life. Likewise I would want my daughter to experience the same or even more better if possible. Though my mom was a working, we siblings  had fun in our younger days. When I was conceived with babyA I had thoughts to do few stuffs with her but now knowing the real struggle in executing them made a point to make the moments enjoyable. I know few mommies will be in the same boat as mine so felt this would help them to schedule their routine and make their lives a joyous, memorable one.
1. Don’t give Orders

           Giving orders won’t be liked by anyone, may be an adult or a baby. Since they are babies it doesn’t mean they are taken for granted. It’s said, SEEK permission before handling them so it is advisable to use positive words with them. Instead of giving them orders of not allowing them to do the task which they feel of doing let them explore and gain experience. If at all it is harmful try to speak with them and explain the consequences for sure the kids will accept the fact. Since day1 I explain the situations with #babyA and she had understood and accepted me. Thanks to almighty for this experience
2.Make Routines

            I’m not a systematic person by nature but setting a routine I’m able to analyse how my day will be and how to plan based on it. With the routines set I feel our mind is in peace and lesser struggle to handle. With the routines set less stress and will have a feel of more time to spend with the baby. When our stress is less for sure we will be a happy mom and fun loving mom
3. Make each moments to be a memorable one

          With the digitalised era we capture each and every moment with our cameras. Its important and along with it spending time with them is more important. Capturing the moments in our hearts is equally important. We should make the babies feel the normal event also to be a extravagant one. Even a boring ride on a car can be made a Fun one by singing their favourite song or dancing moment if you are a copassenger. Take them to walk and make them understand the beauty of nature. Behave like a kid to make their moments more happy. To be simple live the moment!

4.When you play with babies BE a Baby

            Fun mommies can’t sit idle. When a Baby plays the mommy also will play with the kid.   She will try to make her baby win each and  every moment in joy. If the baby wants a smile there comes a smile from mom. If you are actively engaged in the activity then you are a Fun Mom
5. Setting Boundaries

           Being a Fun loving mom doesn’t mean you are a mom of a spoilt kid.Since we are using positive words it doesn’t mean our babies will be a spoilt brat. They will be allowed to fly but if they are about to fall down they will know their moms are with them. They can explore everything but within the limits.
These are the tips which I’m following to be a fun Loving mom!! You can share with me the ways you follow to be a fun Loving mom!!


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