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Car Survival Kit-A needy

pexels-photo-386025In US it’s a must to sit in the car seat and keeping them engaged is a huge task for a mommy like me! It is said if the baby cries It will be due to hunger, anger, to communicate something but in #babyA ‘s case it’s only due to her boredom nd sometimes due to hunger. Possibility of leaving the diaper bag at home is high else missing the bag somewhere is high so I wanted to keep the survival kit in the car so I can avoid mishaps and in the end of the day it will help new mommies too. So I have come up with a list which will help mommies in packing the kit

For the hero/heroine

1. 4 to 5 diapers [I use cloth]
3.sHOES AND socks
4.shawl, blanket
5. Small towel
6. 2 sets of dress
7.cloth tissues

For everyone
1. 2 sets of dress
2. Hand sanitizer
3. Blankets for all
4. Cloth bags
5. Covers
10.First aid kit
11. Cotton swabs
12. Baby z medicine

1.Baby busy bags
2. Baby toys
3. Water bottle
4. Chocolates
5. Straws
6. Cups
7. Boxes
8.To-go boxes

Our family totally survives with this survival kit. Once I left my hand sanitizer when we went for a road trip and felt difficult to handle the situation and since then planned for a survival kit and came up with this list. It’s perfect for us right now and we might include the list whenever she grows.
I would like to know what will you add to the list and do you have the survival kit in your cars? Please leave a comment below and please do share if you liked this writeup!!


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