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When babyA was born I was sure that she should have NO SCREEN TIME and with almighty’s grace I was able to stick to that rule till she reached 15 months but she wasn’t able to be free from screen time as she started looking at kids of her age watching videos – smiling, laughing and giggling around. Her curiosity and exploration behaviour in her wanted to know what’s going around. So she asked her papa to show his mobile and then she was stuck to Chuchu TV. I didn’t have issues as ChuchuTV shows rhymes and she is happy with it. But then I felt what if my kid happens to see age inappropriate content where the YOUTUBE shows at times. She can even see stuffs in the AD breaks and seriously I can’t be behind her during her screen time what she sees? I can do check her history though which I don’t think I’l have time and patience to see all the contents so to be free from these tensions I wanted to find out a space for being happy as well as enjoy our screen time too. So when I heard about ALI HUDA, Netflix for Muslim Kids I was sure I can give her screen time without me worrying about the content.



            The first few days I spent thinking on how am I going to have babyA watch as I don’t like to handover my phone or Tablet to her as she throws them at times to know how far does it go when she drops them from top or slides them down #Mommylife. After reading FAQs on their website I found out watching in TV with ROKU is possible and it made me happy, YAY!!. Now we are glued to it when we think about the screen time. So we are happy that we can watch it through an app, or online with their website, or TV. The best part is we can save it for later use too.


Learning with a Fun mode ON:

            Netflix is a space where all the age group starting from kids to adult to enjoy watch and have fun. Similar to  Netflix, ALI HUDA is a place where kids of all age can enjoy watching stuffs starting from learning shahada to memorising QURAN everything in a playful way. Everything happens in the form of stories, songs, nasheeds, cartoons, rhymes, crafts, etc. BabyA is 16 months old and she loves to watch ALIF & SOFIA’s TWINKLE TWINKLE SHAHADAH. Maa shaa allah her ears are sharp, when her dad or her mumma switches on the TV , if she gets to hear SOFIA, SOFIA- babyA runs from any part of the home to the living area. This is to say how the basic pillar of Islam, Shahadah for any ummah can be taught in a playful way. Quran 4 Kids is another show which both her mumma and babyA loves to watch. Brainy bunch, Misri bunch and Scrapbook Island are the other shows which we love to watch.

EASY TO NAVIGATE and Content Safe:

            The approximate time of an episode is around 1.5 to 3 minutes which is better is few ways. No ads and safe content for age appropriate so I don’t have to babysit the T.V in future too. After a few episodes it asks the viewer if we would like to continue watching them. So it gives us an alarm if we need to watch them or switch it off as we have crossed the time limit which is good for the parents to work on  limiting the screen time. This is how it works in TV, Iphone, android phone and Android Tab. Hope so it’s same in IPAD too.

ali huda categories

It’s easy to navigate as they have grouped them into age-wise and also categorizes them into TV, ARABIC, QURAN, NASHEED, TRAVEL, CRAFTS etc. Even the elders are able to learn from this ALI HUDA. Many parents would like to learn Arabic as a language and they would like to concentrate on the Phonics part which can be learnt through this.

Does it Only Concentrate on Islam?

            They mainly concentrate on ISLAM and its core principles but basic stuffs needed for a child to know is also available like the ABC song and how to greet, how to speak, etc. The content is growing and it keeps evolving and they mainly concentrate on 4 conditions which parents requested during their pilot study -Quantity, Quality, No ads and affordable price.

Irrespective of ethnicity and practices, they have framed the teachings based on the core values of ISLAM which is accepted by all. Each family can speak up based on their experiences to their kids and this can be a conversation too. Even at this age I speak to my mom who is in India regarding the ALI HUDA.

How to sign up to Netflix:

            Users can sign up for a free trial for a week/7 days and then you will have to pay $7.95/Rs.514.40 for a month. You can even cancel it anytime you want but I don’t think a need will arise for sure.

You will get 50% off your 1st month if you use “alizeh” i.e. $3.98/Rs.257.52/- for the first month.

So it works like this get the trial of 7 days and then use my code “alizeh” for the first month to be $3.98 and then $7.95 per month thereafter.

To sign up click here and scroll to the bottom to sign up for the trial and enter my code “ALIZEH”

Would you recommend this?

   I am really happy and I will recommend this for all for sure. This will work worldwide the same way. So even my Desimoms can go for it.

ALI HUDA can also be found on Social media





Discalimer: I was given a free trial of 1 month for purposes of writing this review. All opinions in this review is honest and we (babyA and I) really love this product. I wouldn’t recommend anything which we don’t like/love and don’t use. I may get a commission if you use my code to sign up for trial but it doesn’t cost you anything but only enables me to bring many contents which are useful for the society.






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Being a mommy of a 1 year old I forgot to think about “ME” like any other moms in the world. Each and everything I look for is “a baby stuff”. Looking at the banner FRASSAI I felt it must be something related to baby and then understood it’s not for BABYA but for BabyA’s mommy. The way they have explained their product, made me to contact them and try their sample. Frassai has collections for both men and women and the products are being launched in the month of November and I was sent a sample to review this particular scent TIAN DI. They do have 3 flavours and I chose TIAN DI.

I chose TIAN DI as I wanted something from the woody stuff. It has peach elixir, woods and rich green flowers in it and smells heavenly which babyA also likes it. She allows me to wear it as I am so specific that no scent should disturb my daughter.

In Bottle: A ritual for the senses, embodied in earthy incense, rich green flowers, peach elixir, and calming woods.


What do they claim:

They associate each and every product of their’s with a French fairy tale and this Tian Di is associated with a fairy tale back in 1920’s. It’s a blonde between China and France and it would give you a feel of Royal highness when Tian Di is been applied. With the richness of the green flowers and an elixir of the peach tree blended with the sandalwoods and ginger it would make you feel fresh by opening your mind, purify the body and awaken the Royal Spirit within you.



Each of the fragrances is captured in sleek Italian glass and crowned with a modern wooden cap.

It comes in two ways.

  1. Individual bottles 50ml which would cost around 130$.
  2. Rollerballs 10ml which would cost around 35$.

Availability: Beginning November 2017, the collection will be available at the new store Perfumariē in Soho, NY and online store


About: Established in 2013 by Natalia Outeda, Frassaï is a luxury jewelry and fragrance brand based in New York and Buenos Aires. Its focus is on delivering unique and timeless designs by playing with fragrance and engaging the senses. Learn more and view the entire Frassaï collection at FRASSAI


My Experience:

I have been using this for almost 13 days now and I loved the smell and I was able to use it as my lovable daughter didn’t face any strong smell and she was able to accept the scent too. I loved the packaging it had a velvette pouch. The pouch is so beautiful and it adds more attraction to the luxury collection. I did have a fresh feel. It lasted for some 5 hours approximately.


Will I Purchase this and will I recommend this?

Yes, I would recommend this TIAN DI Royal Perfume who haven’t tried it yet. This is a wonderful product for men as well as women and it lasts for 5 hours approximately which is a positive note.


My Ratings: 4.0/5.


Disclaimer: This product was sent to me in exchange of an honest review. Neither I nor Alizehmysoul Blog were compensated to do this review. The review is purely based on my experience and is not a proven one. All opinions are my own. The images are from the  Frassai team and Tinabfoto.Tian-Di-Eau-de-Parfum-white-square

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Book Review 2: The Blessed Bananas

Blessed Bananas Front Cover

Author: Tayyaba Syed

Illustrated by Melani Putri

Series: A Muslim Fable

Publisher: Prolance

What the Book Says:

            Everyone in the village knows that they shouldn’t enter the old monkey Rico’s zone or touch his precious bananas. If at all Rico sees someone near him he becomes cranky and overprotective of his zone. However, after some unwanted encounters like the entry of Chico the mouse, tucana the bird, and Simon the Elephant  Rico learns a life-changing lesson. The author has introduced the Islamic principles slowly like how to be patient and how to pray when we are in trouble and when to thank almighty in a clear manner. She has also told in a playful way the importance of being generous. With the characters involved we are able to know how giving is truly receiving. She has made us understand that generosity and kindness is the main quality of a true Believer of Islam.

What I love about:

  • Lovely illustration [Simple words and introduction of characters in a wonderful manner as well as enjoyable way]
  • It is a great base for the kids to know about basic principles to be a perfect human.
  • I love how she has slowly introduced each and every character and how the concepts have been introduced.
  • How she has asked the readers to maintain patience and to pray when in distress.

Approximate age: 2 years and up

BabyA loved the illustrations a lot and she was able to understand few concepts al hamdulilah. In shaa allah a good book to introduce the concepts of kindness, praying and being true and generous.

This book can be purchased at

Disclaimer: This book in the form of e-book was sent to me in exchange of honest reviews. The review is purely based on my experience and not a proven one. All the opinion are my own.

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We happened to visit aquarium twice with babyA and she enjoyed both the trips and I wanted to continue the memory within her in some form. So when I happened to check the list of best toddlers series I happened to check this book. Such a wonderful book to introduce the crab, octopus, shipwreck, dolphins and so on. And as I expected she was able to enjoy the colourful stuffs in the book. This is a must read book now when we are bored as she brings and give it to me.

What I Loved about this book?

  • Lovely illustration [Simple words and introduction of characters in a wonderful manner as well as enjoyable way]
  • It is a great base for the sea creatures.
  • It is helping to create a guessing game with the baby and builds the excitement within them
  • It has taught babyA to relate when we take to the store to show the live crab market.
  • It also has introduced little other stuff like ball, fishes, a complete coral reef to the toddlers in a wonderful playful way.

We also play hide and seek within the home to explore the home and introduce the concepts within home in a playful manner.

Like the little crab our little BabyA is exploring our home and finds out her mumma and papa in the home. She enjoys playing hide and seek and we are so obsessed with the concept of Sea that we have whales, dolphins inside the home. :p

You can purchase the book here and I do highly recommend the book !!

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Review- Totscart Handmade Fitted Diaper cum Giveaway


IMG-20170514-WA0018June is a special month in everyone’s life. As a student we would like to welcome the month of June to show our new bags, to enter our new class, to meet new set of teachers and so on.. When we came to know about the environment we started to wait for the 5th to plant saplings, speak about it. Then as a child we wait for our Father’s day and now adding to it as a mommy I am happy to know it’s a cloth diapering month. Being a cloth diapering mom isn’t it good to have a special month dedicated to us?? And a special bond I have with this month is the birth of Baby A. Too much of memories I do have with the month of June. As its special I have come up with a Review on Totscarts handmade fitted diapers and in association with the Totscart family we are running a giveaway to make this month even special.

I am proud to say that we are a cloth Diapering family and if you know me in person you would have known about the love I have for cloth diapers. We have successfully completed 11 months in the journey of cloth diapering and we are eagerly waiting to continue till we can. As a new mommy when I heard about cloth diaper terminologies I had a massive attack and then with the reviews I succeeded the journey. Today we are going to have a detailed review on the Totscart handmade fitted diaper.

For new mommies Let me explain what a fitted diaper is?

                Fitted diapers otherwise called as fitteds comes either with snaps or snapless and they are highly absorbent in nature. They do have elastic at the legs, backside for a neat fit and the inserts are either attached or can be removed. Fabrics used will be from the cotton family. These are not waterproof in nature. In a layman terminology fitteds are a diaper where the whole diaper absorbs the pee.

Fitteds really hold a strange part in the cloth diaper world. Their cost worries a lot. But to rescue in the cost part totscart came to play a role. It didn’t leave a hole in our pocket and it serves the best. It really helps when your little one has a rash. A fitted can be used either with a cover or without a cover but I do prefer without a cover as its good way to air out those tushies without harming them.

Features of Totscart Handmade Fitted:

  • These come with adorable cute prints to keep us entertained and calm even in difficult situations :p
  • It comes in 2 key parts.
    • Outer Shell
    • Insert

The  Shell is made of 4 layers of cotton and insert is made of 6 layers of cotton Flannel and a one layer of hemp terry!! So totally 11 layers (including hemp) in the wet zone but, yet will look very trim!

  • Adjustable Rise settings for small, medium and large.
  • For a better fit around the waist it has a cross-over tab.

Promises of the Totscarters:

  • Shell is made of 4 layers of cotton and insert is made of 6 layers of cotton Flannel and a one layer of hemp terry!! So totally 11 layers (including hemp) in the wet zone but, yet will look very trim!
  • It will last for 4 hours.
  • Totscart has come up Tongue style insert for easy use and high absorbency. It is made of 5 layers of cotton flannel and 2 layers of hemp when folded into half. Thus gives a good absorbency. It is topped with stay dry layer. With shell it provides 11 layers of absorbing layer (including two hemp layers). It could last anywhere between 3 hrs to 5 hrs..
  • Prints can be customised by pre-ordering.
  • Can be used from 3kgs to 20kgs.
  • It will be trim.
  • A++ for the customer Service.

What I like the most?

  • It’s a crowdpleaser and it will win the diaper beauty contest for sure.
  • It works like a dream and its adorable where it can be used a daytime fitted.
  • It lasts for 3 hours plus for my medium to heavy-wetter daughter
  • For my lo its trim in nature
  • Dries completely quick.
  • Earlier the insert was stiff but with frequent washes its flexible and it stays in place so that the pee gets absorbed without the leakage.
  • With no PUL 100% breathable.


  • For a new mommy the stiff insert is little irritated but with frequent washes it can be adjusted according to our needs.
  • Few prints fade out after many washes and that’s how the cotton works which Preethi discloses earlier when doing the purchase.


      Its nominal for a fitted diaper. 460Rs. Plus shipping


            Its asked to wash twice in warm water before its used on the tiny tushies. I usually wash my new diapers alone and line dry them and the third wash will be with the regular laundry as my husband feels it’s a new cloth and it shouldn’t be used with laundry. So my fitted was on baby A after the third wash. The stiffness of the inserts became flexible in my seventh wash. And it worked fine from the sixth wash.

Special Wash Routine:

            The soiled diapers (whether pooped or peed ) will be rinsed once and stored in a open pail and then on the laundry day a prewash followed by a regular wash and 2 rinses extra and then line dry them.

Will I Recommend this Product?

 Totscart handmade fitteds are definitely a workhorse diaper and will stay dry for minimum of 3 hours. It’s a perfect day time fitted. I have seen the mommies with very leaner babies found it difficult to fit these diapers properly so I wouldn’t recommend for them. So my final verdict is I would recommend this diapers for all except the very leaner babies as they find it difficult in the fit. I have 4 fitteds from totscart in my stash and my baby falls on the leaner side.

You can buy them from


AMS Ratings: 9.5/10.

Disclaimer: Totscart Handmade Fitted diaper was purchased by me. Neither I nor The AlizehmySoul Blog were compensated in any way for this review.