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Gross Motor- & How do I build that in my Child?

We have entered the toddler stage now and lately I can notice she becomes little aggressive and at times gets irritated when she is unable to reach a goal she has set. This happens in a child when they aren’t able to engage with the gross motor skill of theirs. When we reach this irritation stage, we move out and speak with the nature and explore the nature as she loves to explore the Nature. The main goal is to deviate our mind from the situation so that they calm down and don’t think about the loss. Now, being the season Fall, it’s actually easy to walk in the community and do lot of stuffs with the dry leaves around. We love to catch the leaves that are falling down as its not that easy to catch the leaves. What best can be an activity which a baby and mommy can love other than this?
With this we run and loose all the energy we have and its really best way to build our gross motor skill.
It might be latin and greek  for few mommies; so let’s skeleton what’s gross motor skill?
Gross motor movements  are nothing but the kids use  large muscle load or movements and these are the movements that use the whole body to complete the task. TASKS such as walking, crawling, jumping, sitting, standing,balancing etc.,  concentrate on daily activities.
Gross motor skills involves the coordination of eyes, hand movements,legs etc. When baby is in the infant stage gross motor skill was important and necessary to hold hands, hold their head upright, crawl and then sit and then walk. When they grow into toddlers and as we say they grow big they just refine their skills. Al hamdulilah. Almighty’s beauty is really great. He created the Adam [A.S] and Hawa [A.S] but with the help of studies we are understanding the behind the scenes of Almighty we can say.
Gross motor activities can help your baby/toddler to sweat as they keep on moving and get tired.
Lets see which are the areas gain limelight with the help of Gross motor skills:
1. Muscle tone
2. Muscle strength
3.motor planning like when to start what to do and when to stop.
4.sensory processing
5. Balance
6. Eye hand coordination
7.knowing their body parts
These are the few activities which we have done to improve or work with the gross motor skills:
Walking on a pillow
Walking around a hoopla
Catching the leaves falling down from the tree
Crossing the obstacle
Trying to crawl using a tunnel
Playing with a ball
Moving the ball with a leg
Jumping on a sofa/couch
Trying to walk on the clothes
Hopping In and OUT of a hoopla
If you feel you need to shed some sweat join in with your kiddos and work on this!! I guarantee you will enjoy them for sure.