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Baby-Led Weaning Gagging Vs. Choking

When I started solids with my baby I panicked a lot. Though I was well informed theoretically I was afraid of how would it go? So I pushed it to 7 months to say. I made up my mind to go with baby-led weaning so I knew the reaction that I will get from people around. I was even called a hard mom. According to them, I was torturing my daughter but the truth is I am allowing my daughter to lead a life of her choice. When we were in a trial phase we had to encounter gagging episodes which panicked the people around me. Since I knew the difference between choking and gagging I was able to overcome this scenario. These are the main concerns why people are against the baby -led weaning. I just wanted to give confidence to my fellow readers by making them understand the importance of gagging and choking and how to survive in these conditions.

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It’s said by our ancestors and elders that while eating our concentration should be on food and it shouldn’t be carried away in haste. It’s the same mantra applied for baby too. Patience is the key factor and a pleasant environment is to be made such that baby has a good relationship with the food. Whenever food is taken one should understand the key concept of safe eating. Only this knowledge helped me to understand the principle behind eating comfortably.

When my baby was eating once, she happened to gag and my neighbour started to panic and she judged me as she didn’t find me as a panicked mom. I was calm because I knew the difference between gagging, choking and coughing. In shaa allah planning to cover that here so many new-moms will be able to take the finger food from the start without fear.

Gagging is often accompanied by coughing

Gagging is quite noisy and it’s going to be dramatic. The way your child deals with it will make anyone judge you. But it’s very safe. Each and every individual will face this in their life. The babies gag often when you start the solids. It’s because the gag reflex is in the front for babies and as they grow older it shifts to back when they are 12 months. That’s the reason why it is requested to start solids when they are ready.
Though it seems to be scary it’s a learning process for a baby. They get to learn the problem-solving skills. They are able to analyse the size, shape, and texture of the food to be allowed by them. It’s like they are the boss and they know how much to eat.


Choking is a silent killer. It’s a process of blocking the airway. With informative baby-led weaning, choking isn’t possible as the caregivers will know about the perfect size, shape, and texture. They won’t go wrong if they are knowledgeable in this area. Everything is with almighty’s wishes too.


Vomiting happens when they are learning to eat. If a child gags heavily the next stage they will land is vomiting. Vomiting doesn’t happen with all kids. It’s not like the adult technique. We associate everything with adult stage and forget the key point. Al hamdulilah they don’t become fatigue with this process just like adults.At one point they might puke and the next moment they will enjoy their meal just like nothing happened.

Tips to make it safe
While eating they should sit straight in a chair and been given their time and pace. If at all they gag it’s suggested not to put in your fingers to push the food out. It might panic them. It might even push the food in. Instead, let the gagging reflux bring the food out. To avoid choking please do go with the flow but being well learned on this topic.
Why didn’t I prefer chunky puree?
Purees are usually associated with the baby. I didn’t like the concept. Being a breastfed mom I felt my baby gets nutrition required and the food we give is an addition to the regular process so why to make them food aversion. I myself isn’t a fan of soups and purees so why to train them for it and then transition them to a family food! So our journey was straight with the finger food. To know what was our first food click here.

It’s a developmental milestone and I didn’t want to break that. I can see how the kids at the age of 7 still struggle to chew Whereas baby-led weaning kids chew like a pro. Maa shaa allah almighty has created each and everything for a purpose and we confuse with the modern life. When we go back to learn basics we can lead a healthy life. Al hamdulilah  happy to know this process and I am working on it to lead a simple easy life. LIFE is SIMPLE and Enjoy the life without complications. I enjoy the mess babyA does and follow the baby-led. Please do share this piece of message if you liked it.

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30 thoughts on “Baby-Led Weaning Gagging Vs. Choking

  1. My girls are grown up now but reading through your post, I can understand your concern. We all grew up with all sort of adjustments, but today’s parents want to give the “best” and end up spoiling children at the end, so much that I know of my colleague’s daughter who is as old as my elder one not able to eat with her hand because she is so used to eating with spoon… 😦 Good luck on all the small stages of life… this is their best time, enjoy…


  2. I am not a mum, and so naturally freaked out when I saw such reactions from my then baby nephews and nieces. It’s amazing that the Almighty has given mothers such strength and knowledge when it come to their babies. Informative read, thanks for sharing.


  3. Very interesting post. I did the same but never really thought about why. I taught my kids from very young to eat on their own and I made food textured so they could learn to eat “real food”. Although child lead anything is messy but I feel like in the end they learn to be independant faster.


  4. This was one of the key things I was concerned about, Especially if I wasn’t around and someone else was feeding my baby. Good information here.


  5. Thanks for sharing. My girls are older now but the weaning stage can be difficult. I was always worried about choking etc!


  6. Glad that these days we have got so many talented bloggers like you who share there experiences with all….this makes things easy to learn and get aware…..You have compiled the post so wonderfully….


  7. This is a very informative post for moms with small kids. I don’t remember any such problem when my kids were small but it’s good if you know the difference.


  8. Totally agree as to how panic can be a trouble maker for both the caregiver & the baby. The post is very helpful- sharing it with my mom-gang!


  9. I did baby led weaning with both my youngest and the first go round it was super scary. I used to freak out when he would gag and cough. By the time I did the second one it was easier and I knew it was okay because they were learning the reflex.


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