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Book Review 2: The Blessed Bananas

Blessed Bananas Front Cover

Author: Tayyaba Syed

Illustrated by Melani Putri

Series: A Muslim Fable

Publisher: Prolance

What the Book Says:

            Everyone in the village knows that they shouldn’t enter the old monkey Rico’s zone or touch his precious bananas. If at all Rico sees someone near him he becomes cranky and overprotective of his zone. However, after some unwanted encounters like the entry of Chico the mouse, tucana the bird, and Simon the Elephant  Rico learns a life-changing lesson. The author has introduced the Islamic principles slowly like how to be patient and how to pray when we are in trouble and when to thank almighty in a clear manner. She has also told in a playful way the importance of being generous. With the characters involved we are able to know how giving is truly receiving. She has made us understand that generosity and kindness is the main quality of a true Believer of Islam.

What I love about:

  • Lovely illustration [Simple words and introduction of characters in a wonderful manner as well as enjoyable way]
  • It is a great base for the kids to know about basic principles to be a perfect human.
  • I love how she has slowly introduced each and every character and how the concepts have been introduced.
  • How she has asked the readers to maintain patience and to pray when in distress.

Approximate age: 2 years and up

BabyA loved the illustrations a lot and she was able to understand few concepts al hamdulilah. In shaa allah a good book to introduce the concepts of kindness, praying and being true and generous.

This book can be purchased at

Disclaimer: This book in the form of e-book was sent to me in exchange of honest reviews. The review is purely based on my experience and not a proven one. All the opinion are my own.


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